Tips for Managing Outgoing Mail in a Business

Tips for Managing Outgoing Mail in a Business

Whether you run a small business or manage the mailroom in a billion-dollar company, learning outgoing mail best practices is essential. Mail plays a large role in the communication between businesses, clients, and consumers. Your goal is to ensure the mail goes to the proper addresses.

From advertising packages to financial documents, choosing the right way to manage your mailroom and improve your system are the keys to success. Here are a few tips for managing outgoing mail in a business environment.

Create an Organized Mail Sorting System

The success of mail handling starts at the beginning. Sorting your mail by type and destination will help simplify the operation. The mailroom can sometimes become overwhelming, with dozens or hundreds of envelopes and packages waiting to be sent off. Set mail outboxes in common areas that accrue mail. That way there’s a smoother system that doesn’t overcrowd the mailroom.

Improve Staff Communication

Communication is key in the workplace. Have a team collect the mail and packages from the designated mailboxes, then sort and process them in your main mailroom. You can streamline your entire mailing system with the right supplies and tools.

Provide your team with checklists to ensure they correctly mark mail pieces and sort them into their appropriate spaces. Encourage your team to double-check to see if each mail piece has a stamp and proper labeling.

Verify the Outgoing Address

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is sending mail to the incorrect outgoing address. Another tip to remember when managing outgoing mail is always to verify the outgoing address. This way you won’t run into bigger issues down the line, such as delays or frustrated clients. Triple check the outgoing addresses and assign an outgoing box before sending it off.

Have Consistent Pickup Times

Scheduling a time to get your outgoing mail picked up and sent off is important to an efficient mailing system. This can happen any time of day, depending on your needs and the volume of your outgoing mail. Partner with USPS and their preferred shippers for your expedited and larger packages. This way you can continue the same weekly schedule and ensure you don’t miss steps in the process.

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