4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes

4C recessed mount mailboxes provide a simple, easy-to-use ‘pre-configured’ line of mailboxes and parcel lockers. These units attach to the wall in various height options so you can choose the best option for your tenants.

Each of our 4C recessed mount mailboxes meets or exceeds every security requirement of the USPS STD-4C regulation for wall-mounted mail receptacles. We offer standard pre-configured modules with integrated parcel lockers in a range of different heights so you can still custom design the setup with pre-configured units. All units are made to order and non-returnable. Order 4C recessed mount mailboxes today if you’re ready to install units that look great and provide easy access to the owner.

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Replacement parts for 4C postal units

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  • 15 High 4C Florence Mailbox
  • 14 High STD-4C Mailboxes
  • 13 High Mailbox Suite
  • 12 High Recessed Mailboxes
  • 11 High Suite
  • 10 High Suite
  • Max ADA Mailboxes
  • 9 High 4C Mailbox
  • 8 High 4C Mailbox
  • 7 High USPS 4C Mailboxes
  • 6 High 4C Mailbox
  • 4C Front-Loading Mailboxes