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4C Mailboxes

At Postal Supply, we’re proud to offer a line of high-quality USPS-approved apartment mailboxes. The 4C mailbox line is a flexible modular system for a centralized mail center that is easy to use. It meets the requirements of the USPS / ADA Fair Housing requirements, so this mailbox is a suitable addition to a wide range of apartment buildings. However, you can still personalize your 4C mailboxes with ease at Postal Supply.

Whether you want our standard pre-configured or you prefer to custom-build your solution, you can contact us for reliable help. Indoor or outdoor, the 4C mailboxes are available in three mounting types: 4C Recessed Mount, 4C Depot Cabinet, or Surface Mount. All mailboxes are custom-made and non-returnable. Order STD-4C mailboxes today to make your apartment more organized, convenient, and secure for all residents.