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Postal Supply USPS-approved replacement parts

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Centralized Mailbox Systems

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Centralized mail delivery provides delivery and collection services to a number of residences from a centrally located installation - whether in a single-family subdivision or multifamily complex. Business customers also receive delivery services from a convenient central location. The ability for the USPS to make multiple deliveries per stop results in faster service for customers due to less time per delivery. Fewer stops also use less fuel and produce lower carbon emissions which contribute to lower costs and good environmental stewardship.

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" style of mailboxes including the free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster box unit (CBU), or other STD-4C compliant cluster mailboxes mounted in or on a wall. All centralized mail delivery equipment being serviced by the USPS must be USPS Approved. Manufacturers seeking approval must submit the mailbox product to the USPS for rigorous testing and approval prior to offering it in the marketplace.

The U.S. Postal Service will specify the mail delivery plan in new residential and commercial developments, so it is important to check with local Postal Authorities early in your project.

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" style of mailboxes, but the most popular is the free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster mailbox or Cluster Box Unit (CBU). These USPS Approved units are most often used in outdoor new residential construction installations but are also popular in commercial and retail settings. These pedestal-mounted units are widely used for safe, secure access to mail and package delivery 24 hours a day.  Dress up your basic CBU with decorative accessories in two distinct styles to fit your neighborhood, development, or community. With eight standard configurations, the pedestal ensures mailboxes are always mounted at the required install height.

The standard 4C indoor/outdoor mailboxes can be mounted in or on the wall, or into free-standing mailbox enclosures. This solution has multiple configurations and heights to choose from. The cluster box unit or CBU is free-standing, pedestal-mounted mailboxes for outdoor installations. With eight standard configurations, the pedestal ensures mailboxes are always mounted at the required install height.

We have several different color options for both Cluster Box Units as well as 4C Front Loading Mailbox Units. Click link below for a PDF showing available colors for each type of centralized mailbox unit.

Florence Corporation Color Options

When shopping on our website, all products are USPS approved unless otherwise noted. If the unit is not USPS approved, you will see red text under the product descriptions that states "This model is not USPS-approved" in red text.

‘USPS use’ means the postmaster will be delivering mail to the units. The post office will have an ‘Arrow Lock’ they put on the unit that allows only the USPS Postmaster to have access to the inside of the unit for mail delivery. Once you have the unit installed you will need to call the postmaster to come out and install the Arrow lock on the units. ‘Private use’ means that you have a third party that will be delivering mail to the boxes, such as a mailroom clerk.

It is not recommended to install a Cluster Box Unit on an old, formerly used pedestal, whether it is from a cluster box unit or some other style of mailbox. The pedestal that is sold with our cluster box units is specifically designed for that purpose. An old, used pedestal is most likely not strong enough and may have corrosion, etc., that could lead to a collapse of the mailbox, which is a danger to both tenants and the mail carrier. A cluster box unit must be installed at the precise height as dictated by the USPS. If you wish to use any mounting method other than the factory-supplied pedestal it is strongly recommended that you obtain prior approval from your local Postmaster.

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you would like to pay by check please contact us by calling (919) 823-2174 or emailing [email protected]

Shipping info

All CBUs (regardless of model number or number of doors) ship directly from the manufacturer common carrier with a delivery appointment and lift gate service. Each unit will arrive in two boxes, one box contains the pedestal which is about 25 pounds, and the other box contains the CBU mailbox model ranging from 100-150 pounds depending on the unit size. Any decorative components such as a roof, cap, or pedestal cover will ship in additional boxes. We recommend that upon delivery, you confirm you have received the right number of shipping boxes.

Lead times will vary per product. A Postal Supply representative will email you with an approximate ship date once your order has been received and processed. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions regarding current shipping times.

Technical info

You should find all the keys, mounting hardware, and instructions tucked carefully inside the mailbox cabinet. In order to access these, follow the below steps:

  1. Take the cluster mailbox module out of the box and set it on a workbench. 
  2. Open the outgoing mailbox door located below the outgoing mail slot on the right side.
  3. Push up on the latch on the left side of the inside of the outgoing mailbox compartment.
  4. The right side of the CBU cabinet will open and there will be a latch on the left side of the cabinet to open completely.  The keys, hardware, and instructions in the lower left-hand side compartment. 

Every CBU Mailbox includes three (3) keys per tenant door. For example, if you purchase a 1570-16 or 16-tenant cluster mailbox, it will ship with forty-eight (48) compartment keys and two (2) sets of parcel door keys.

Installation instructions are included with each CBU and 4C unit, but you may also find them on the Resources page under the Installation Manuals section. Instructional videos can also be found there.

Warranty & Policies

Yes! Florence Corporation provides a 5 year warranty on all of their centralized mailbox equipment and accessory products, starting from the date you purchased from an authorized Florence dealer.

2019 Warranty Information

Returned goods or products will not be accepted without a Return Authorization-(RGA) Number from Postal Supply. Returned goods must be then shipped back using an appropriate carrier (freight) prepaid at the customer’s expense to the specified warehouse location of Postal Supply. A customer service representative will provide you with return instructions including the warehouse address to ship back to. The RGA # must be visible and be marked on all boxes. (Only) stock products can be returned in their original shipping cartons as well as need to be in original condition within (10) days of receipt and are subject to a 30% restocking charge. Custom orders-(made-to-order products) and orders with special options/features are non-returnable. Pending custom orders also cannot be canceled and will not be accepted for return, exchange or refund.

We recommend inspecting all boxes upon arrival from the freight company and noting any damages on the shipping documents. Please take photographs of the damaged boxes and products and email them along with your order information to [email protected]. We will take care of the issue with the manufacturer and get you new, undamaged products as soon as possible.

According to USPS regulations, the property owners, builders, or developers are responsible for repairing cluster mailboxes. Property owners can appoint a manager to ensure that the mailbox meets the postal service regulations. The installation, maintenance, purchase, and replacement of the USPS-approved mailbox are also the property owners’ responsibility.

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