Top Features to Look for in an Outdoor Cluster Mailbox

Top Features to Look for in an Outdoor Cluster Mailbox

Your property’s mailing system is central to the livelihood of your tenants. Whether you own or manage a commercial or residential property, finding the best mailboxes within USPS guidelines while accommodating your tenants’ needs requires special planning and research. Before you schedule a call to talk numbers and quotes, you should know what to look for.

To help with your process, here are the top features to look for in an outdoor cluster mailbox. This way, you can easily meet your tenants’ expectations.

Extra Parcel Lockers

If your tenants receive a package, where does it go? Simplify your mailing system by searching for a cluster mailbox with extra parcel lockers. Your CBU mailbox should have integrated lockers large enough to fit package deliveries. Depending on how many tenants you have and their needs, you might also consider a stand-alone parcel mailbox.

Wider Tenant Mailbox Space

Mail is often larger than the typical letter size. Some tenants may get a certificate, plaque, or magazine that can’t fit in the standard-sized mailbox. Therefore, another feature to prioritize in outdoor cluster mailboxes is wider boxes to accommodate larger mail pieces. Typically, 4C horizontal mailboxes enable tenants to receive their mail without it being bent.

Mailbox Security Features

Cluster mailboxes are popular in residential and commercial properties due to their security and anti-theft features. These mailboxes have a secure package and mail delivery system that lets tenants feel good knowing their items are safely locked in place. Cluster mailbox units should prevent theft by integrating a complex locking system and solid materials.

Matching Mailbox Accessories

The best part of picking out mailboxes is picking out the accessories to match your property’s look. A top feature to seek in an outdoor cluster mailbox is the ability to customize your mailbox for easy installation. This could entail matching or decorative pedestals to keep your mailing system within USPS height guidelines yet aesthetically pleasing.

At Postal Supply, we offer commercial and neighborhood cluster boxes to accommodate your tenants. We understand what our clients need for a safe and efficient mailing system. Our ADA-compliant and USPS-approved mailboxes are top quality and convenient for everyone, including your mail handler! Contact us so we can assist in finding the best mailbox for your property.