3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Cluster Mailbox Unit

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Cluster Mailbox Unit

Mailboxes should remain visually appealing and functional long after their installation. Unfortunately, situations can happen that require the swift replacement of a previous system. So how do you know when it’s time to install a new cluster mailbox for an apartment, home, or business? Navigate the quick checklist below to find several signs it’s time to replace your cluster mailbox unit.

Malfunctioning Lock

One of the primary functions of a cluster mailbox unit is to keep the mail safe for a collection of employees or residents. Many packages have been stolen off front porches, but a secure mailbox can prevent such problems. These units keep letters and bulky packages safe.

If the lock malfunctions on a mailbox, it’s the perfect time to shop for replacements. Anytime the owner of the damaged mailbox slot requests a repair, you should put it on your priority list. Addressing problems like this ASAP is critical to maintaining proper security for anyone with access to the cluster system.

Reduced Aesthetics

Another sign it’s time to replace your cluster mailbox unit is that it starts to hinder aesthetics. For example, dents or graffiti on the side of a cluster unit may not hinder its ability to keep the mail secure, but it will reduce the aesthetics. After all, a well-designed cluster mailbox aims to promote better security and curb appeal.

Anytime your mailbox begins to lack one of those factors, don’t hesitate to search for a high-quality replacement if it’s beyond repair. At Postal Supply, we carry USPS cluster mailbox replacements in many colors so you can get the best visual appeal available.

Accommodating Growth

You can successfully install cluster mailboxes in commercial and residential settings. Although both settings are different, they both can experience growth. For example, maybe you’re building new homes in a neighborhood. On the other hand, maybe your business has seen a large growth in employee numbers.

In either situation, you should ensure newcomers have a secure mailbox like everyone else. That way, you can keep the experience for all employees or residents consistently reliable. If you’re facing any of the issues above, start searching for replacements today so your setup can remain as secure and visually appealing as ever.