Top Advantages of Cluster Mailbox Units for Your Business

Top Advantages of Cluster Mailbox Units for Your Business

Out of the many goals that any company has on a daily basis, efficiency and security tend to be among the top. These two factors are achievable through many steps, not all of which call for the most high-tech software system. Mailboxes are critical to businesses that use them for employees’ incoming packages and letters. Likewise, the managers and other higher-ups certainly need a secure mail system to keep everything organized.

From office equipment to holiday cards, companies receive many items in the mail. The way you organize those items will impact workplace efficiency and security substantially. Our guide to the top advantages of cluster mailbox units for your business will showcase precisely how you can prevent theft and other issues from hindering your company. Look below to learn the helpful details you need to know about cluster mailboxes before settling on a design for your workplace.

Secure Mail and Package Storage

Among the most critical advantages of the cluster mailbox design is the security it provides to many types of mail. Pooling everyone’s mail into one pile can lead to theft or misplaced items. Whether it’s from the company or a client, mail sent to employees at a company should receive consistent care after delivery.

Even small businesses shouldn’t overlook carefully protected mail delivery for all members of the team. Cluster mailbox units feature individual slots that are all locked and only accessible via a designated key. Instead of leaving your office’s mail out in the open until people pick it up, the delivery service will place an individual’s items in their designated mailbox on the cluster. This is invaluable for letters and other small pieces of mail, but even big packages can find a safe place to stay in cluster units too.

Parcel Lockers

However, even when your small mail items, such as letters, fit nicely in secure mailboxes, you must consider larger packages. After all, it’s not uncommon for thieves to steal boxes from Amazon and other delivery services after delivery people leave them unattended. The good news is that you can find cluster mailboxes with larger secured boxes designed for packages. This makes it easy for delivery services to put away packages so that they don’t fall into the wrong hands. The packages are only accessible to the delivery service and the locker keyholder.

Additionally, at Postal Supply, our cluster mailboxes come in many design variations depending on the storage needs of your business. So how many parcel lockers do you need for mid- to large-sized packages? For instance, some cluster boxes feature two larger compartments along with smaller mailboxes, while others feature the parcel lockers on their own.

The benefit of those parcel-locker-only mailboxes is that you can add onto your mailbox setup with as many larger spaces as you need instead of settling with only one or two extra spaces. Not everyone needs multiple parcel lockers. The right move ultimately comes down to how many people you have under your roof and what your incoming mail typically includes. It’s important to remember that thieves aren’t the only dangers to business-related mail.

Durable Defenses

Another one of the top advantages of cluster mailbox units for your business is the versatile list of areas you can place them. If you’d prefer, you can install cluster units inside for quick, secure access. If you don’t have great space inside for the mailboxes, you can rest easy knowing you have plenty of options for the outdoors.

High-quality outdoor cluster mail units for businesses combat the elements to ensure poor weather doesn’t ruin your letters or packages. Additionally, the secure design of these lockers ensures that everyone’s items will still remain out of the hands of thieves.

Unrestricted Access to Personal Mailboxes

Keeping your items secure is one of the best advantages of cluster mailboxes. Luckily, those who have the key have unrestricted access when they’re at the box. Cluster mailboxes can reside outdoors for easy access from the curb. But as mentioned above, you can install them indoors too. That way, anytime you’re in the office, you have 24/7 access to the mailbox.

This means you can get your mail and packages at your convenience, which makes pickup easier to manage on a busy workday. The cluster mailbox can also provide your whole building with unrestricted, secure access to their mail because of how they make the most out of the space available. Simply put, cluster mailboxes provide lots of storage, even when you have multiple units grouped together.

This efficient use of space ensures you don’t create unwanted clutter upon installation. For example, at Postal Supply, we carry cluster mailbox units available with 8 personal tenant mailboxes, 16 mailboxes, and many other variations. Whether your business is in its own building or shares an office building with other companies, giving your employees private mailboxes provides more security and peace of mind for everyone. Next, let’s take a closer look at the aesthetic advantages you can expect with cluster mailboxes.

Many Visual Customization Options

Having various designs to choose from for cluster mailboxes help businesses personalize their storage capacity, but that’s not all. That diverse collection of designs also includes many visual customization options to provide even more of a personal experience. The mailboxes at Postal Supply are available in black, white, postal grey, sandstone, and more. If you have dark walls and want your mailbox to blend in subtly, the black mailboxes will help you make it happen.

However, maybe you want the mailboxes to pop in a visually pleasing way. That’s an absolutely attainable goal with customizable units. Remember, there’s ultimately no right or wrong choice when it comes to mailbox aesthetics. The options are there for you to tailor the aesthetics precisely to your preferences. The only mistake would be settling for a mailbox design that you’re unhappy with. So are you finally ready to successfully organize your company’s mail system? Look at the many cluster mailbox units available right now to start planning your preferred layout.

Top Advantages of Cluster Mailbox Units for Your Business