Private vs. USPS Delivery for Multi-Unit Properties

Private vs. USPS Delivery for Multi-Unit Properties

Selecting the best mail delivery system for your residential property can be challenging. You must consider your residents and mail handler while staying within mail handling and delivery guidelines. Deciding between private or USPS delivery for your property can impact how your office and residents receive their mail.

To help you make the best decision for your property, learn the differences between using private or USPS delivery for your multi-unit property.

Using a Private Delivery Service

Contacting a private delivery service for your property can present many benefits, such as a faster delivery time, which gives you more time to handle other managerial matters. Like most luxurious amenities, this convenience can come with a high cost, making it more challenging to budget for daily mail delivery.

You may also have to pick up your property’s mail from a physical location rather than the private service delivering it. You would also need to hire a mail sorter to ensure every resident gets their mail, which may be unreasonable for large properties. A private mail service is a great choice for a small property.

Working With USPS Delivery Services

If you manage a large multi-unit property, working with USPS delivery services is your best choice. By using USPS mail handling, you won’t have to worry about picking up your residents’ mail, giving you and your residents more convenience. Ensure you have a USPS-approved mailbox on your property.

Which Is Best for You?

Determining which is best between private and USPS delivery for multi-unit properties depends on your property’s needs and your budget. If your multi-unit residential property is small, you may benefit from a private service because you won’t have to sort the mail yourself. However, if you manage a large property, you should consider using USPS for your mail delivery services for convenience and budgeting.

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