Key Considerations When Installing a Cluster Mailbox

Key Considerations When Installing a Cluster Mailbox

Cluster mailbox units are great centralized mailing solutions for residential communities, business plazas, and large companies. These units are convenient and cost-effective, offering safety for your residents and mail handlers. You’ll have to consider many things when purchasing mailbox units. For example, the location of the mailboxes can impact the mailing routine. Let’s dive into a few key considerations when installing a cluster mailbox.

Perform a Final Inspection Before Installing

Before the installation, closely inspect your units to ensure they’re within USPS guidelines. The mailboxes are important for your tenants. Whether you own or manage a commercial or residential property, the mailing system will deliver anticipated packages or sensitive documents to their rightful owners. Ensure the unit labels are engraved and that the mailboxes have the correct compartments.

Choose Your Location Wisely

The location is another key consideration when installing a cluster mailbox. You should put the unit in a centralized place that’s easy to access and within ADA and USPS guidelines. Contact the postmaster at your local post office, and they can point you in the right direction to ensure compliance.

Consider the Locking Mechanism

Your mailbox unit should only be accessible by your residents and the mail handler. Consider a strong and durable locking mechanism to secure your mailing area. Most USPS-approved cluster mailboxes have secure locks with two personal keys and a master key. However, there are more advanced ways to lock and unlock your mailbox. For example, some mailboxes can open it with a smart device. Considering your tenant’s needs and your unit’s location can help you decide if you need to add security.

Contact USPS

After installing your cluster unit, contact your local postmaster to set up their arrow lock so that the mail handler can access the master door. Then, check each key to ensure they all work and that your mailbox is within the USPS requirements.

Installing a cluster mailbox is simple with thorough planning. If you’re looking for high-quality USPS-approved mailboxes, you’ve come to the right place! At Postal Supply, we have the perfect mailing solutions for you. Check out our website, and give us a call for more information!