Helpful Tips for USPS Customers With Centralized Mailboxes

When designing a multifamily community or business complex, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your mailboxes. An efficient mail system will make the job easier for mail carriers and reduce confusion or mix-ups among your residents. If you’re new to the mailing world, check out these helpful tips for USPS customers with centralized mailboxes.

Create Enough Space for Carriers and Residents

You should put extra thought behind the location of your mailboxes. Establish a clear walkway that everyone, especially the carriers, can use. Your mail units should be ADA-compliant and in a safe location within a reasonable distance from the building. Consider adding lights and other security methods around your mailboxes to keep the units accessible at all times.

Plan Your Installation Before Purchasing Accessories

While the aesthetics of your mailboxes matter, a helpful tip that USPS customers with centralized mailboxes should know is that the planning includes more than picking a unit. How will your mailbox fit within the community? Can you place it in a place that is accessible to all residents? Will you need to install a ramp or walkway?

Before customizing your mailboxes, ensure they are USPS-approved and within your local guidelines for mail delivery. Establish a budget and look at your choices before selecting a unit.

Think About Your Mailbox Unit’s Identification

How will your residents or businesses know which mailbox is theirs? When assigning compartments, you should consider your resident’s privacy. While some prefer their mailbox ID to match their building number, others want extra security through a consecutive numbering system. At Postal Supply, we offer customizable options that make it easy to assign units and protect your residents’ mail.

Our USPS-approved centralized mail units are of exceptional quality and provide the highest standards of durability and security. Check out our mailboxes and customizable accessories, and select the best mailing solution for your business or residential community. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at (919) 823-2174.