4 Types of USPS-Approved Group Mailboxes Explained

4 Types of USPS-Approved Group Mailboxes Explained

When putting the finishing touches on your rental or commercial property, you may focus on the overall landscape, hardscaping, and luxurious amenities for your tenants. However, one of the most important elements of your community is the mailboxes. This is where your residents receive important documents, packages, and other mail pieces.

Group mailboxes are great for apartment complexes, commercial buildings, schools, and more. They’re a popular choice due to their durability and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to accommodate every style. Here are four types of USPS-approved group mailboxes explained so you can make the best decision.

STD-4C Mailboxes

4C mailboxes are great for many different buildings and communities. Their simple but durable design makes receiving mail and packages easy. Our USPS-approved and ADA-compliant 4C mailboxes can be recessed mounted or freestanding. Whichever style you choose can be used for indoor or outdoor centralized mail delivery.

Classic Decorative Mailboxes

Classic decorative mailboxes add a timeless and elegant touch to your property, whether you need a group mailbox for a commercial building or residential community. Although they have the same specifications as standard cluster boxes, the decorative elements set them apart from other mailboxes. The decorative molding and fluted base help beautify your mailbox and add curb appeal.

Traditional Decorative Mailboxes

Another type of USPS-approved group mailbox you can add to your property is the traditional mailbox. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing mailboxes, especially when adding decorative accessories like a ball cap finial or a stylish base. These cluster mailboxes can help elevate your space and secure your mailroom.

Standard Cluster Box Units

The most flexible yet simple solution for your property is USPS standard cluster boxes. These mailboxes are resistant to weather, vandalism, and wear and tear. This mailbox is available in various colors and can be used individually or in clusters.

If you need USPS-approved mailboxes for your property, contact Postal Supply. We have high-quality community mailboxes for sale to install in your building. All orders will include a pedestal for USPS regulations and are available in six beautiful colors.