What To Expect When Installing 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

What To Expect When Installing 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Installing a 4C USPS mailbox is different from setting up the individual mailboxes you see at the edge of driveways in neighborhoods. For this reason, you should know what to expect from the cluster 4C units when you put them in an apartment or neighborhood. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect when installing 4C horizontal mailboxes so that you can plan the project today.

Better With Friends

Expect to need assistance when installing cluster mailboxes. Setting up your horizontal units should be relatively easy if you already have a measured space chosen. How you install the unit will differ depending on if you choose wall-mounted or free-standing units. The outdoor standing mailboxes require a stable support system on the ground, while wall-mounted units anchor into the wall.

The bulk of your installation will prioritize mounting the units in the wall and ground, so you should have someone who can help you with the hardware. Have an assistant with you to ensure you don’t drop materials and damage them or hurt yourself.

Accomplishing USPS Requirements

When discussing what to expect when installing 4C horizontal mailboxes, it’s important to note that you will also want to assess performance. You should expect to have a cluster mailbox unit that meets USPS requirements upon installation. Meeting the USPS 4C requirements calls for two key steps. One step is to buy mailboxes from a company that specializes in this type of delivery system. For instance, you can browse the selection of USPS 4C mailboxes and hardware at Postal Supply to make searching for the right equipment easy.

The second step is to remember to install the mailbox properly. For example, you want to don’t forget to configure an Arrow lock as part of the mailbox design so that USPS has access to all tenant units. Likewise, make sure you have enough space on the floor or wall to suit all the homes or apartments receiving mail in your community.

Reliable Community Security

One more detail to expect when installing the titular mailbox is that it will result in better security for everyone in the community. A properly installed 4C mailbox is accessible only to those with keys to the Arrow lock or the individual units. The Arrow lock is unique to the USPS service, so only the delivery person can open the whole cluster unit to place mail.

The tenants or homeowners will then have unique keys that only access their individual lockers. This measure ensures that neighbors can’t take mail from other members of the community. The locked units also ensure that strangers to the community can’t wander in and pick up packages left by the curb. Thanks to parcel lockers on USPS 4C mailboxes, even bulky boxes have a place to stay safe. Keep these expectations in mind so that you can accurately find and install 4C units for your community ASAP.