Standard 4C Mailbox Specifications Explained

Standard 4C Mailbox Specifications Explained

You may know that 4C mailboxes and USPS delivery go hand in hand, but do you know why? If you need to install new mailboxes or replace old ones, it’s important to know why you’re choosing a 4C model over other designs on the market. Read below to find the standard 4C mailbox specifications explained.

Modern Standards

USPS deliveries don’t simply work for anything that someone calls a mailbox. Neighborhoods, businesses, and other buildings must ensure their mailboxes meet USPS standards. STD-4C is the current standard for wall-mounted USPS package delivery systems, so you will often see the term “4C mailbox” when looking for units online. These units are built with the titular specs in mind.

Although STD-4C is the modern standard, it has been around for nearly two decades. This standard applies to new construction projects. Typically, you can replace an older 4B model with a new 4B, but not if you have to change the size or any other design specification. Any new mailbox construction requires the USPS standard 4C specs, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t flexibility in their design.

Flexible Locations

As mentioned above, 4B mailboxes exist, which aren’t suitable when installed unprotected outdoors. However, the STD-4C centralized mailboxes can work indoors or outdoors without worry. This means new construction projects can use these centralized systems across a wide range of communities.

For instance, you can install USPS-approved units inside an apartment building or curbside in a neighborhood. Businesses can also use these systems indoors or outdoors. Thanks to modern USPS standards, you have more flexibility when providing secure, durable cluster mailboxes to local tenants or homeowners.

Design Variations

Now that you’ve had standard 4C mailbox specifications explained, it may seem like your design flexibility isn’t vast. However, these centralized systems are still quite customizable, even when sticking to the same USPS standards. For example, at Postal Supply, we have a Florence 4C mailbox collection that includes plenty of units with the standard tenants’ lockers for smaller items, such as letters.

However, our collection also includes 4C recessed parcel lockers, recycling bins, and mail collection boxes. These 4C units come in various colors, and you can choose from our assortment of mailboxes to customize a setup that fits your community’s needs. Browse 4C mailboxes online right now to see how customizable your options are so you can find the perfect arrangement for your community.