Choosing the Right Size Neighborhood Cluster Mailbox Unit

Choosing the Right Size Neighborhood Cluster Mailbox Unit

Picking the right size mailbox is important for a household, but not all neighborhoods have individual mailboxes in front of or attached to each house. Some neighborhoods turn to cluster mailboxes to prevent curbside clutter and ensure secure package delivery and storage. Before buying the first mailbox unit you see, consider the right size for your needs. Keep reading this guide to learn what to consider when choosing the right size neighborhood cluster mailbox unit.

Accommodating Every Household

How many homes are in the neighborhood? This question is critical; you should accommodate every household if you’re installing a neighborhood mailbox system. As you can see from our USPS-approved cluster mailboxes, you can find units with 16 tenant doors, 12 tenant doors, and more variations.

You can install multiple cluster mailboxes to create a comprehensive system for your local households. If your neighborhood has apartment complexes or condos, consider installing separate cluster mailboxes for those buildings. That way, you can avoid creating a cluster system that takes up too much curbside space.

Providing Package Protection

Compartment size is another key detail to remember when choosing the right size neighborhood cluster mailbox. At Postal Supply, our cluster mailboxes have compartments for safely storing small mail, such as letters. You can also find units that include large parcel lockers. These lockers can store larger packages so they aren’t sitting on the curb waiting to be stolen.

You should consider how many parcel lockers you need to fit the whole neighborhood, even though not every house needs an individual locker. Parcel lockers are successfully installed in some apartment buildings to fit each floor, so you could choose a parcel locker for every block. The specific details ultimately come down to what works best for your development. Speaking of which, let’s talk more about how to take your development’s specific needs into account.

Measuring Available Space

Available space is another detail regarding cluster mailbox sizes to remember. Is your neighborhood large enough to require cluster mailboxes on each block? Is the development small enough to require only one? Not all neighborhoods are the same, so measure the available space to find cluster mailbox units that fit perfectly into the space, ensuring great aesthetics and convenient storage. Browse cluster mailboxes today to see which units are best suited for your neighborhood.