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Specializing in Centralized Mailbox Systems


Single Family Cluster Box Units

 Whether you plan to serve four or 2,000 residents, cluster box units (CBU) provide a flexible solution to accommodate your building project needs. Simply select the pre-configured unit(s) that has the best options for your residents. These standard stock units can be used individually or in larger group installations - all providing a convenient, secure method of mail and package delivery to residents. 

Outdoor Parcel Lockers

 This industry unique package delivery system with key trapping locks can be used alone or with CBU installations to increase convenience for your residents. Florence is the only manufacturer authorized to provide outdoor parcel lockers. 

Decorative Accessories

 Florence Manufacturing is pleased to offer USPS Approved designer caps and pedestal covers. These fashionable snap-together accessories place the final decorative touches on your centralized neighborhood mailbox while adding extra protection to your investment. 

Standard 4C Units

The versatile™ 4C mailbox suites offer 12 different heights with over 140 pre-configured individual modules, plus the ability to configure any base module to fit your specific project needs. Suite heights provide greater flexibility in ensuring your mailbox installation remains compliant with necessary regulations. The Max Height Suite for instance, is designed to ensure a maximum number of USPS compliant tenant compartments are available within the allowed space; while the ADA Max Height Suite ensures a maximum number of compliant tenant compartments to completely meet both Fair Housing ADA installation requirements and Postal requirements. Florence makes installation of recessed mounted modules easy by providing a Multi-Unit Connector Kit (MUCK) for each specified module. This connector can be used to secure multiple units across a larger rough opening, eliminating the need for wall studs. It also ensures your installation has a clean look as units are pulled together tightly so they are mounted flush to one another, reducing any potential gaps between modules. 

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